School Profile

Mission Statement

Centennial Elementary, in partnership with our families and community, will establish an environment dedicated to academic excellence for 21st century learners to reach their full potential.

Vision Statement

It is the mission of Centennial Elementary to provide quality educational opportunities for all students. To address this mission, Centennial Elementary is committed to: 

  • clear and focused academic goals for each student
  • differentiated instruction
  • high expectations for students, staff, and parents
  • a culture of collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • partnerships with the community and outreach opportunities
  • clear communication with all stakeholders
  • providing a safe and secure environment
  • School-wide positive behavioral support
  • celebrations of success


MESA Vision:

To support the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that MESA students develop a high level of literacy in mathematics and science so they can play a leading role within an increasingly technology-based world. 

Elementary Focus:

At the elementary level, MESA’s focus is on helping students see mathematics and science as interesting and engaging subjects in which they can be competent.  Students learn to work together in groups with hands-on activities that are designed to help them build math and science as well as literacy skills.