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Shirley Jirik

Shirley Jirik


It is an honor to be the leader of such a wonderful place for students, teachers, parents and community members.  

Through my journey as an educator, I have become sensitive to the needs and attention necessary when working with students, teachers, and parents.  I have worked in many educational settings, such as: private school, day care, residential treatment, and public schools.  I have held the role of teacher, early childhood administrator, counselor and parent.  Through all these varied roles and environments, I have come to know two truths.  All students can learn at high levels and it takes collective responsibility from everyone to make that learning a reality.

I have an affinity for formative assessment data and utilizing it to make evidence based decisions on behalf of students.  When we know better, we do better.  These data help us know better so we can do better for our students.  Being a strong instructional leader is one of the most important jobs a principal gets the privilege of doing.  I believe a school administrator should also be an excellent listener and communicator with a zeal for motivating others and leading teachers through a very challenging time in public education. 

Through my Doctorate of Education in K-12 Education Leadership, I am current on the most recent research and understand the urgency around our time with our students and how important it is to be using the highest yield strategies possible.  The sacrifices required of me in the years that it took to earn a doctorate degree revealed a whole different level of grit and determination that I never knew existed in me AND my family!

I have been fortunate to work with the teachers at Centennial Elementary through my prior role in St. Vrain as District Response to Intervention Coordinator.  It is quite evident that the teachers at Centennial are relentless for their students.  I was struck by the passion and the lengths the teachers were willing to go in order to meet their student’s needs.  There was definitely a sense of collegiality that is topnotch.  Because of these previous interactions at Centennial, when I saw the job opening I was immediately excited by the potential of leading this staff.  I look forward to getting to know each and every member of the Centennial family!


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