Early Access to Kindergarten and First Grade

Early Access to Kindergarten and First Grade

The St. Vrain Valley School District offers access to early enrollment for highly advanced gifted children under the age of six.  Typically, these precocious children are performing in the top 2% of the gifted population and require acceleration to meet their academic needs.

A parent meeting, designed to provide information regarding the process of Early Access and characteristics of young gifted children, will be held on January 23rd, 2018 from 5-6pm at Student Services (830 South Lincoln).

Children who may be ready to enter school early…

  • have highly advanced skills in literacy and numeracy
  • demonstrate appropriate social readiness
  • have exhausted the resources of preschool

There are several levels of screening to determine if a child would meet the criteria as outlined by the Colorado Department of Education:

  • First, speak with your child’s preschool teacher or other adults to inquire if your child is performing at advanced levels in all content areas. 
  • Second, review information housed on the website pertaining to Early Access

timelines, fees, and criteria (www.gifted.svvsd.org).

  • Third, if you feel your child would meet the rigorous criteria outlined in the website, contact Glenna Alexander at Gifted Services alexander_glenna@svvsd.org for further information.
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