Fire Prevention Week

Thank you to our local Firestone/Frederick Fire Department for teaching our 2nd and 3rd graders about Fire Prevention.

Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day will be on Thursday, October 26th. If your child was absent on Picture Day or if you would like to have them retaken, please fill out a order form or order online at mylifetouch.com. The Picture Day ID is EVTNZNKQT. Order forms are available in the office.

Halloween Expectations
Students are allowed to wear their Halloween Costumes to school on Tuesday, October 31st. Our Annual Halloween Parade will be at 2:45 and parents are welcome to come and line up outside around the building. Please see the following expectations for Halloween Costumes:

  • No masks or full face paint
  • No blood or gore
  • No weapons or simulated weapons
  • Attire should not be disruptive to the learning environment
  • If a child comes to school with any of the above items/attire, we will ask them to remove them.
  • Thank you for your attention to safety and a quality learning environment

Carbon Valley Santa Cops

The Santa Cop Program is an ongoing effort to provide gifts and necessities to underprivileged children in the Carbon Valley region during the holiday season.  At this time, we would like to take this opportunity to remind interested residents that this program is non-profit and sponsored by generous businesses and residents from around the region.  Keeping this in mind, the funding for this program is limited and intended only for those that are truly in need.  Please take this time to consider the children “Santa Cops” serves as they do not benefit if this program is misused.  All referrals will be reviewed and undergo an approval process; not all applicants will qualify.  Once referrals are processed and approved, the different police agencies will distribute gifts to children in Mid-December 2023.

Click here to apply: https://www.firestoneco.gov/santacops 

Safety Patrol 

Members have been doing an exquisite job helping everyone follow our schools rules for Safety with traffic and in the parking lot. Thank you for your help with using our main crosswalk at the front of the building. At our November assembly, they will be honored along with our Student Council members.

Attendance Information

Thank you to all students who have been able to Strive for Five with 5 or fewer absences this year. Our attendance rate is 95.84% and we had 182 students with perfect attendance for the month of September. 

Please remember that after 10 excused or unexcused absences, the absence will require a doctor note or it will be marked as an unexcused absence. We will be sending letters out soon to students who are getting close to those 10 absences.


We continue to celebrate positive behavior at school with earning Class PAWS. Students earned a PJ Day in September. We will call for all Class PAWS at our November assembly with the hopes of earning an all school Dance Party if students have met their goals!! We have seen many students earning those Pawsitive Office Referrals, too. Way to go Huskies!

Important Dates:

10/26- Picture Retakes

10/31- Halloween Parade at 2:45

11/1- Late Start (school starts at 11:25)

11/2- Hat Day

11/20-11/24- Thanksgiving Break

Centennial Elementary School